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Smoke in the storm with Zero Ash
Smoke in the storm with Zero Ash

TERRACE, GARDEN OR BALCONY Everybody that a terrace, garden or balcony has, knows the same problem.  With a little bit wind, blows the axis always from the ashtray.  Zero Ash has an ashtray developed through which the axis always in the ashtray remains lie.  

Per 1 July counts there also for the Dutch catering industry a smoke ban and may there in o. a. cafes and restaurants no longer smoked
become.  The 'outside smoke' will to expectation increase.  

Zero Ash has dé solution: a remarkable form data 'stormvaste ashtray' Strong, payable, easy from each other to get and to clean and above
all brandveilig.  

With a little bit wind, and that have we here rather once, blows the axis from a normal ashtray.  Sand or works water in the ashtray not.  The new ashtray of Zero Ash has been tested on the terrace even by wind power 7 windproof.  

The Zero Ash exists a sprayer gutter hittebestendig nylon bovendeel and a RVS bottom plate.  For the asdichte affirmation of the bovendeel on the RVS bottom is a siliconen seal affirmed, sees to that till under the bottom doorloopt and it also for that the ashtray not wegschuift and sore sturdy state.  

The Zero Ash is available in black, red and blue and shortly also in RVS.  The ashtray can uses become naturally also in.  

Before more information you can ring to Zero Ash:  0297-255776